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Priscilla I'Anson

Priscilla I'Anson

Created by Priscilla I'Anson, PI'A was born out of a need she saw for clothing that was timeless yet unique, empowering, versatile and well-made, at an accessible price-point.
Since 2010, Priscilla has worked in the fashion, advertising and television industries as a leading authority on style.  She has worked with everyone from Coca-Cola to MasterCard to Paris Hilton.  In 2015, Priscilla was appointed as Fashion Director for Asia's Next Top Model.
Working as a stylist, Priscilla began to notice more of her clients requesting classic wardrobe staples, with a modern twist.  However, it proved impossible to find what they were looking for at a price point that wouldn't break the bank and at a level of quality that she deemed acceptable.  Priscilla realised then that, in the past decade, fashion had lost touch with its customer; women were starved for timelessness, versatility, quality and accessibility.  More importantly, women craved an aesthetic that empowered them to bring their own personal style and taste to each piece; designs that they could keep coming back to, year after year, and feel inspired to wear each time.
Unable to find this type of product for her clients, Priscilla set out to make it herself.  
And so, PI'A was born.

Image courtesy of Cosmopolitan Magazine.



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