Carbon Offsetting

PI'A is inspired by the city and the life of the modern cosmopolitan woman, but that doesn't mean that we don't care about the environment.

The continued development of some of the world's most iconic cities, such as New York, London and Hong Kong, depends on us changing our attitudes towards the protection of our planet. At PI'A, we are committed to using carbon offsetting to reduce the carbon footprint associated with operating a business such as ours. It is a vital commitment towards ensuring the sustainability of continued development around the world. 


Carbon offsetting is the activity of reducing your carbon footprint by compensating for your carbon emissions. This is done by delivering finance to essential renewable energy, forestry and/or resource conservation projects which generate reductions in greenhouse gas emissions or generate clean essential carbon dioxide (i.e., through planting trees). A credible carbon management programme should always include internal reductions, such as reducing energy use, business travel and waste. However, for many businesses there is a point at which the emission reductions that can be achieved through internal reductions are cost-prohibitive or will have a negative impact on performance. It is at this point that a carbon offset programme can deliver greater returns in terms of the emission reductions generated, enabling a business to meet a stretching reduction target immediately and compensate for its environmental impact.


Studies have shown that carbon emissions must be reduced by 80% by the year 2050 in order to avoid a worldwide temperature rise of more than 2-degrees celcius. A rise in temperature could destroy the natural environment of many of the world's important forrests, leading to the desolation of acres of trees as well as the natural habitats and food chain for many of the world's precious animals, flora and fauna.


PI'A makes donations to Plant-It 2020, which provides tree-planting programmes as well as a fuel-efficient cooking stove programme to help individuals and business reduce their carbon footprint. Their tree-planting programme is split into forrest-planting (reforrestation, afforestation and agroforestry) and city-planting programmes. Their stove programme distributes fuel-efficient stoves to poor families in Central America and Haiti. Founded in 1992, Plant-It 2020 is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, private foundation committed to carbon emission reduction. PI'A has selected to work withPlant-It 2020 for four reasons 1) They prioritise planting in no-logging locations: unlike practically all other tree-planting groups, their priority is to plant trees in no-logging locations protected by contract with high survival rates, 2) Geographic Scope: they provide the largest number of locations worldwide for customisable city and forest tree-planting projects, 3) Business Conduct Ethics: they subscribe to the Tree-Planting Code of Ethics, as well as actively educate contributors about industry scams and deceptions, and 4) They founded PANRO, the Professional Association of Nonprofit Reforestation Organisations; an industry organisation consisting of those reforestation organisations setting benchmarks and consistently performing the highest quality reforestation practices.


Reducing your carbon footprint is much easier than you may think. Making small changes to your every day choices can greatly impact your carbon footprint. Walking, taking public transport or investing in an electric car can greatly impact your daily carbon emissions. Recycling at home is another easy-to-do activity that reduces your carbon footprint. You can also reduce your carbon footprint with us by placing one larger order with everything you want to purchase in one go, instead of making small purchases here and there. This reduces the number of trips your packages have to make to you, therefore greatly reducing your carbon footprint. There are so many more ways in which to reduce your carbon footprint. You can learn more about it at Foundation. And, of course, you can also make your own additional donations to Plant-It 2020, where it costs as little as 50 cents to plant a tree. It doesn't cost much at all to make steps towards reducing your carbon footprint and contributing towards the protection of our planet.



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