About PI'A (Home)

"EMPOWERMENT. This is the heart of PI’A.  PI’A empowers you to feel confident and beautiful; our designs are an extension of you, your style."

PI’A empowers you by giving you room to put your own personal twist on your look.   The PI’A aesthetic is classic, with a twist, but the real twist in each piece is you—you are the key to creating a truly unique look.  
Our muse is a modern, sophisticated, intelligent and self-assured woman who appreciates fashion, but has cultivated her own specific look and tastes.  She knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go get it.   PI’A is inspired by this woman and her lifestyle; it caters to her wants and needs, and always encourages her to bring her own personal style to the brand.
Our pieces are designed to be able to be worn in countless ways, so that you are inspired to wear them differently each time; we encourage you to experiment with all the ways in which you can style them.



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